Particle Filters

The filtering capacity of the mask is given by filter cartridges that are the only expendable element of the system.

There are three types of filters depending on your safety and comfort needs while breathing. The available filters are:

  • FFP3
    Maximum security with 100% filtration. To reduce fatigue the size of the filter has been greatly increased, it is 20% larger than defined by the standard.

  • FFP2
    It presents a very high level of security with a filtration of 96% with a breathability 250% above the norm.

  • F9
    It has a filtration level of 74% but a breathability of 400% above the norm. This option is valid in tasks that require significant physical effort in low-risk environments.

It is possible to have an FFP1 version selected the HEPA filter.

Mask filtration is achieved by forcing air to pass through a HEPA filter and a prefilter, these two elements constitute the filter cartridge.

Filter cartridge assembling

The filter cartridge comes in the form of an open box on one side. This box attaches to the mask with light pressure.

Mask with filter cartridges ready to assemble.

Mask with filter cartridges already assembled.